Mass Effect Retrospective: An Introduction

I’m kind of a Mass Effect fan. Just a little one though. I mean, I drew the line at purchasing a Commander Shepard body pillow. Besides, my girlfriend would have thought that was kind of weird.

Seriously though, I am quite fond of the series. Although not perfect, the games do a good job of living up to the lineage of what I consider the pinnacle (at least until I finish Planescape: Torment, a title woefully absent from my library) of the “WRPG”: Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows Over Amn.

The first two games are really quite engaging, the characters are well written, the gameplay is fun and all of that sort of standard “This  game is bloody brilliant and why aren’t you already playing it you ignorant plebes!” sort of praise. I could also say a fair number of negative things about the series too, of course (I’m looking at you, DLC model!), but, in the context of an introduction to a series I adore, that doesn’t quite mesh with the tone I’m aiming for at the moment.

So, what prompted this? Well, the conclusory third title in the series is right around the corner. Well, two and half months away, but for someone who has been waiting for it since he first started the series, I’d consider that right around the corner.

So, with that in mind, what better time to replay the first two games than right now? It’ll let me set my Shepard just the way I want, remember all the fun little nuances of the game and, of course, take a look at everything that worked and didn’t work about the first two games.

This is intended to be a long running series that I’ll update periodically with whatever strikes my fancy as I replay the games. Characters, gamplay quirks, plot elements, thoughts on aesthetics, an expose on why Tali and Wrex are the best things to happen to gaming in ages, etc. I’ll write about it all.

And it will be awesome.

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