Shadows Over Camelot – This Game Hates Us

Brief entry tonight.

Played some more Shadows Over Camelot (with Merlin’s Company) included tonight. And have added another loss to our record. I think we currently stand somewhere like 1 Wins for the heroic knights of the realm, 6 Losses to the traitor/game Tonight’s loss was partly luck (Sir ICanRollAgainstCatapultsThenPlayCards, or something like that was slain after two bad catapult rolls; his death was an 8 when he had 8 in hand) and partly the fact that we just haven’t figured out how exactly to deal with the game long attrition. Once you run low on cards, you just don’t ever seem to have the opportunity to build them back up.

Still! Quite a fun game. High stress and the hilarity of bad plays leading to suspicions involving traitors and the like are always entertaining. The game does a very good job of playing with the idea of the economy of actions: you can only do so much in a turn but have so  much you need to do.

We’ll figure something out though.

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