RtNfFaP – A Rogue’s Love of Fast Advance

Fast Advance is one of my favorite Corporation deck archetypes in Android: Netrunner, right next to Tag n’ Bag, program destruction, and frying the runner’s brain.

This all may point to the fact that I am a terrible person.


As such (and as it is the Corp archetype I am most familiar with at the moment), I figure I might as well talk a little bit about Fast Advance.

What is fast advance?

Fast Advance is pretty much what it says on the tin: a deck  focused on quickly advancing agendas. Ideally, a Fast Advance deck will be able to deny the Runner access to agendas anywhere except in their HQ or R&D as, whenever they play one, they’ll immediately advance and score it, using any number of tricks at their disposal (SanSan, Biotic Labor, AstroScript, Pyschographics, Trick of Light, etc) to make that possible.

Although this may sound a bit counter-intuitive, Fast Advance is not about winning the game super quickly! It is about creating a situation in which you can complete individual agendas fast enough that the runner has to rely on HQ and R&D runs to get at your agendas. In other words, it is more of a combo deck, taking time to set-up and then execute its gameplan with minimal opportunity for runner interference.

Who is the best corp for fast advances?

NBN. Straight up, NBN. AstroScript Pilot Program is an incredibly powerful card. It is one of the best agendas in the game and I think more then enough reason to not consider building a Fast Advance deck outside of NBN.

Not only is it a 3 Advance/2 Point Agenda (the perfect ratio for this deck, as it can be played and scored in the same turn with only 1 aide) but it enables future fast advancements for free as well.

While it isn’t impossible to do fast advance in other corporations (any Corporation with some 3/2 Agenda options is going to have a chance), I really think AstroScript is such a powerful option in the deck that, until the other Corporations get access to something similarly powerful, it just isn’t really worth trying outside of NBN at the moment.

What should a fast advance deck have in it?

A Fast Advance deck needs three main things:

1. A method of fast advancing. If the deck can’t advance agendas quickly, then you really aren’t running Fast Advance, are you?

2. Strong ICE that will keep the runner out of your HQ, R&D, and a single remote server. I have seen some people favor more delaying ICE over hard stopping ICE, but I feel the ability to score agendas outside of fast advance situations, as well as the ability to really bring the runner to a screeching halt, is critical .

3. Income generation. Fast Advance is not cheap, no matter how you run it.

What are you running, Mr. Rogue?

Prior to Trace Amount…

Deck Created with CardGameDB.com Android: Netrunner Deck Builder

NBN: Making News (Core)

Total Cards: (49)
Agenda (11)
AstroScript Pilot Program (Core #81) x3
Breaking News (Core #82) x3
Private Security Force (Core #107) x3
Restructured Datapool (What Lies Ahead #16) x2

Asset (3)
Melange Mining Corp (Core #108) x3

ICE (22)
Tollbooth (Core #90) x3
Data Raven (Core #88) x3
Wall of Static (Core #113) x3
Enigma (Core #111) x3
TMI (What Lies Ahead #17) x3
Archer (Core #101) x2
Rototurret (Core #64) x3
Draco (What Lies Ahead #20) x2

Operation (8)
Closed Accounts (Core #84) x3
Hedge Fund (Core #110) x3
Biotic Labor (Core #59) x2

Upgrade (5)
SanSan City Grid (Core #92) x2
Red Herrings (Core #91) x3

Total Agenda Points: 21

Influence Values Totals –
Haas-Bioroid: 11
Jinteki: 0
NBN: 30
The Weyland Consortium: 4

How do you play that mess?

Early on you should focus on protecting R&D and HQ (and archives, if necessary). Once you have a little breathing room, expand to a single remote server and attempt to get a melange Mining Corp to stick. If you can, milk it for every single penny you can. If you can’t, keep pulling for credits as long as you can.

You’re going to need that money to rez SanSan and manage Biotic Labors.

From this point forward, you will basically want to take every opportunity you can to score an agenda out of hand. If you see an opportunity, don’t be afraid to drop something and use Red Herrings to protect it so you can score it normally. If you can score an AstroScript or something similar without needing to use an AstroScript counter or a Biotic Labor? You’re in a very good position.

SanSan is expensive enough to trash, especially with ICE in front of it, that you can play it fairly early and save it for later. Even if it gets trashed, so long as it wasn’t the result of Imp or something similar, you’ll be a few credits up, which might give you some room to safely play an agenda.

AstroScript’s should be your largest priority and should be scored the instant an opportunity presents itself. As I said earlier, a scored AstroScript is huge and can easily lead to another, then another…

Archer is a new addition to the deck, but one I’m relatively fond of. Breaking News is an obvious use for it, but, if you can manage it, the effect is strong enough to justify feeding almost any agenda to it. If you see a good chance, take it. An unexpected Archer can be crippling and either buy you a lot of time or even end the game as Runner.


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  1. #1 by Pavlos on January 7, 2013 - 2:27 pm

    Love it! I main NBN FA as well, I find it to be the most fun archetype; the sheer glee of pulling off a FA combo makes up for the potential shortcomings of the deck.

    So my main question: Psychographics.. where is it? You’re missing an FA opportunity without it with a delayed Breaking News. I think you can take out two of pieces of ICE for two Psychos. You can also take advantage of the (admittedly rare now) occasion when the runner decides to stop caring about tags from stacked ravens.

    I run 3 PADs in mine, but I’ve considered dropping them because they’re just too big a liability when Bank Jobs are involved. I also run less agendas and no archers. I think 11 is too much, because when the runner realises what you’re playing, he’s going to start pounding R&D, and with so many agendas in there you’re making this a better decision. Any insights on these points?

    With Trace Amount, I think Psychographics becomes even more potent with Big Brother. Breaking News -> Big Brother can lead to a 1 turn 3pointer with SanSan/Astro/BL. ChiLo is also interesting, but I think that it gets shut down far too easily by Link.

    I also think it is worth it to explore a NBN Trick of Light/Ice Wall/Shadow/Shipment to Kaguya deck. Don’t know how viable it is, or how many of those cards you can fit in a deck, but it’s definitely interesting.

    • #2 by A Rogue on January 7, 2013 - 5:52 pm

      To answer your main question… sitting back in my binder.

      Honestly, I used to run the deck with Psychographics but I very rarely found solid windows to use it. While I did see the potential for shenanigans with properly timed Breaking News scores, the reality was I typically felt I had something better to be doing with that time or the pressure was high enough that I was better off just scoring the Breaking News straight from hand. Local folks I play against are a fair bit more conservative then me, so there was never even a real chance to use it.

      Now that Big Brother is around? I think there might be more room for a deck leaning more heavily on Psychographics, but the structure needs to be a bit different then this one (you’ll notice I’m super tag light to begin with, playing more on the expected threat then any reality of it).

      I dislike PAD (and by extension, Adonis) in this deck simply because I go for the single super server approach typically and the threat of Bank Job is enough to scare me off of naked PADs. I might give it a try once Criminal dies down a bit, though.

      The Agenda count is an artifact from when I was trying to make Psychographics work, and I should probably see how the deck plays at 20 points. As is, I appreciate having 3 Agendas that can basically go from hand to scored agenda on the same turn, especially since I’m runniing Archer now. I do also tend to worry less about the higher Agenda count, though, as most of my losses are the result of a 3 pointer getting hit, rather then anything else. Furthermore, the deck runs hard enough stopping ICE that R&D pounding can be both costly and unreliable.

      I agree regarding Trick of Light. I think there is something there. It might actually be superior to Biotic Labor thanks to the less intensive cost, but that’ll bear some experimentation!

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