RtNfFaP – A quick look at Cyber Exodus

Brief note for anyone interested! I am currently taking requests for future topics to cover in Running the Nets for Fun and Profit! If you have something you want me to talk about, go ahead and leave a comment. If I like it, I’ll cover it!

Well, I spent all week on a failed(?) experiment making a Big Rig-style Anarch deck. I’ll talk about that next week, because I have a fair amount I want to talk about with it.

Instead, this week, since we got all those delicious spoilers for Cyber Exodus, I figured I might as well give some real quick thoughts on them. Keep in mind, these are only gut impressions based off looking at them and thinking a little bit. These evaluations may evolve as I actually start testing with some of them!

Here is a handy dandy list of the cards if you haven’t them yet. Say thank you to the folks who brought us them.

Nerve Agent: Solid virus, will make shielding cards in your hand a lot more difficult. Unfortunately, Corp will have a much better idea how scared they need to be, but, if they need to be scared, it is going to be ugly. Anarchs (at least Noise) now threaten every single part of your central servers pretty effectively. Disadvantage is that, with all these shiny new viruses, memory space is getting tighter and tighter to actually run them out. Djinn helps, obviously, but, outside of Anarch, you’re starting to lose a lot of Influence. Dyson Mem Chips (and Akamatsu) do exist to give a little more breathing room, but also slow your deck down significantly

Joshua B.: Ehhhhhhh… he’s okay? While extra clicks are always good, they are not quite as good for the runner as they are for the Corp. In most cases, he is going to give you one 5 click turn (in exchange for the turn you waste a click installing him) and then get trashed immediately, netting you… a credit over the Corp (-1 click to draw, -1 click to play, -1 credit to play, +1 click and then -1 click, -2 credits to trash from the corp). In a deck where you can apply enough pressure that the cost to trash him is going to be back breaking for the Corp, he might be useful? As is, he’s going to get you a slightly bigger turn and then get trashed… or get you hammered with a Closed Account/Scorched Earth.

Chaos Theory: Interesting second identity for Shaper. Gives up Kate’s cheaper installs and a link for a slimmer deck and a built in Akamatsu. Is it a good trade? Mmm. I think, much like Whizzard and Noise, the two just play differently and want different decks built for them. Chaos Theory is likely capable of assembling a full rig faster (extra memory + slimmer deck), while Kate is more resilient against traces and will pay less in the long run.

Dinosaurus: So bummed this is a console, because an Anarch rig deck would love multiple copies of this thing. Really great for fixed strength breakers, decent for everything else. A less flexible Toolbox/Spinal Modem, but cheaper/with a lesser drawback. Does make you more vulnerable to Power Grid Overload, so watch that one.

Personal Workshop: Probably deserves its own article. Basically allows you to place programs and hardware on lay away. Very useful for shielding your cards against net damage, and handy for pulling expensive things out cheaper (especially with Stimhack creds/Bad Publicity creds). Also good at getting you to lose a collection of stuff to a tag.

Test Run: Special Order, but different! Gives you the card immediately for one turn, but then tosses it back on top of your deck. Frees up Influence in Shaper, if nothing else. Solid option.

Emergency Shutdown: Yeah. It is a good card. Makes big ICE very sad. Makes Archer very, very, very, very sad. Comparable to Account Siphon in the “Pain Channeled Directly Into the Very Heart and Soul of the Corp Player” category.

Muresh Bodysuit: Exists. Doesn’t stop double Scorched Earth fatalities, so eh.

Snitch: Safety Net program. Let’s you make riskier runs without fear of an unexpected Rototurret. Is it worth the credits/memory? Ehhhhhh. I don’t think so at the moment.

Public Sympathy: Anti-Damage (particularly Brain) card with some extra practical effects. I’m kind of on the fence on this one. It is decent, but it slows you down a fair amount if you want it to do its job. Still, with some of the new cards coming out (I’m looking at you, Edge of the World) it might find a home in certain metas.

Edge of the World: Not nice at all. At all. While it can’t be advanced, making certain bluffs harder, what it can do is stand in for 3 advancement agendas. Like, say, AstroScript. That is not a fun mind game to be on the receiving end of. Stack some cheap ICE in front of it and you’ve got a pretty beastly threat. NBN loves this, as does a Trick of Light Jinteki deck.

Sunset: Probably helps enable a mono-remote Jinteki deck. Also makes Cell Portal (and Chum and Sensei) more playable (and yes, I know, people are laughing lulz Cell Portal. Keep in mind, a lot of those people are the same ones running Yog and pointing out how it can handle everything but lulz Cell Portal.) Will it work? Dunno. Is it worth thinking about? Prolly.

Oh, and hands down the best looking card in the game so far. I want a playmat of this so badly. Wish I had a good picture of it available.

Project Vitruvirus: Sexy agenda, likely replaces ABT for me in decks where I’m only running one of the two. Comparable to Project Atlas, except it lets you recycle cards and who doesn’t love even MORE Ash and Troubleshooters?

Viper: Enigma, but different. Better against Yog, worse against Link. It is okay.

Marked Accounts: Cheaper, harder to trash Pad Campaign, but takes more work to get going. Undecided on this one. Might have some fun with an NBN deck that does one super server and stacks PADs + Marked Accounts off to the side for additional income.

Pop-up Window: Awesome. Represents a 2 credit swing every time the runner hits it (excepting Yog, but you still gain a credit). Not keeping anyone out ever, but a solid piece of economy ICE.

Commercialization: Not that hype. Fine if you advance ICE, garbage otherwise.

Woodcutter: The only ICE outright capable of guaranteeing a flatline on a runner. Also very slow and complete Parasite bait. Gimmick ICE, more than anything, though watch me be wrong and the Woodcutter + Troubleshooter combo becomes top tier.

Chimera: Costs you 2 credits every turn, but is whatever you need it to be on that turn. I like it a lot. For the risky/suicidal, it could enable some very aggressive agenda scoring.

Private Contracts: Kind of in that same category as Marked Accounts to me at the moment. Not the greatest form of credit generation, but does allow some bursting and is obnoxious for the runner to break. Oh, and is neutral, which is certainly handy for Jinteki/NBN.


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  1. #1 by Koshea on February 12, 2013 - 3:39 pm

    Test Run – Don’t forget this let’s you pull programs out of your heap and it can be any program, so right in the middle of your discussion of trashing programs (and my interest in putting together a deck that does so) they bust out Test Run and Emergency Shutdown. Well, there goes the neighborhood. Surprise Archer can still get the job done but he probably won’t be around to troubleshoot later against a Criminal (who then immediatly forged activates it causing you to burn another agenda for it or trash it) and a shaper can just test run their Magnum Opus and Ninja back for a round then reinstall later.

    I really like commercialization combined with a 5 advanced shadow over HQ or RnD. Will take a couple clicks but it will make it cheaper to just run a shadow’s trace than to break the subroutines, the corp gains 2 credits, possibly to spend on the trace. Normally that’s crazy to spend 5 clicks on advancing a card but in NBN you can matrix analyze or psychographics after a breaking news big brother and Jinteki can Trick of light off of a spoiled trap, or off of the shadow they keep advancing to score an agenda if needed. I also think that Emergency Shutdown will make lower cost advanceable ICE more popular stoppers so this should see quite a bit of a boon in Weyland where they get their ID bonus to the card as well.

    Otherwise great review, was thinking many of the same things myself. As an NBN player I’m particularly happy with Pop-Up Window, Chimera, Marked Accounts, Commercialization, and possibly Edge of the World (though I think snare is more versatile). It’s great to be happy about this many cards in a pack for just one faction.

    Not to mention all the Shaper and Criminal love (Every criminal will be scrambling to find room to fit in nerve agent)

  2. #2 by A Rogue on February 15, 2013 - 8:41 am

    Yep. I did fail to mention that particular kick in the unmentionables to Program Destruction decks. Test Run probably puts them to bed for the time being. Emergency Shutdown Response is a similar kick for the deck I posted a couple weeks back, too.

    I’m… just not sold on Commercialization. IF you are doing Ice Advancing it is fine. Don’t get me wrong there. It is a solid support card in that regard. I’m just still not super sold on deep advancing ICE much, which is what would allow Commercialization to shine.

    And hey. Not every Criminal will be scrambling to fit Nerve Agent. I think I’m gonna leave it out. Likely because I hate myself, admittedly, but still. Not every Criminal.

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