Some Brief Rogue Thoughts

Hey ya’ll. Figured I’d take this moment to do a bit more of a direct address.

Don’t worry, Rogue Thoughts isn’t going anywhere. Well, that’s not technically true. It is likely going to be hosted somewhere a little more official. But, conceptually, it isn’t going anywhere, so no worries there.

I just didn’t have time to put together my planned WNG entry for this week, so I figured I’d just make a quick statement.

I’m going to be introducing some awesome new content in the upcoming weeks. Some streaming Netrunner play, some video coverage of board games, and some actual game design (video and board/card, I hope) related content.

Oh, and of course some prettying up of the site.

So yeah! Just wanted to let you all know that I’m a wee bit busy right now, but that’s just because I’m prepping to unroll some brand spanking new content in the coming weeks!

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