Running the Nets – Looking Ahead to Creation and Control

Quick heads up. I’m officially shifting the official day for Running the Nets to Monday. Hopefully it helps cure hundreds of thousands of cases of The Mondays around the world.

I’m feeling so hype today, so let’s take a look at the absolute deluge of spoilers that have come out since Creation and Control was announced!

I know this is a little (just a little, :p) early, but new cards are always super cool. As usual, these are complete first impressions, could be totally wrong, still have two data packs + 39 other cards in the box coming out before we’ll have them so things could completely change, etc, etc warnings apply here. I’m just taking a bit of a look at what the future holds.

Special thanks to all the runners who cleverly found the “hidden” cards.


Director Haas: My, my, my. What an interesting card. A very, very powerful effect on a cheap asset that is a pain in the ass to trash. Of course, if the Runner does trash it, they get 2 Agenda Points. I’m honestly not at all sure what to make of the Big Lady. This card is a seriously sick double edged sword. The risk might make her unplayable, but she’s scary regardless. Obvious combo potential with Encryption Protocol here.

It is worth noting there are some questions about what happens when a Director Haas is scored by the Runner and a new one is rezzed on the table. The answer is likely nothing (Runner scoring area will be treated as something exempt to the unique rule or something), but if you can “save” her, then this card is catapults into the “pretty damn amazing” area.


Director Haas’ Pet Project: You know, I just noticed this agenda was only one point, which drops it a lot in my estimation. It was a lot better before I read it closely. The ultra unique limitation (1 per deck) is annoying as it makes the card rather inconsistent, and the situational nature of the reward further limits it. If it were 3/2, I think I’d consider the card a no-brainer. As a 3/1… ehhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Talain on the boardgamegeek forums is correct in that, if you’re running all 2 point agendas, it doesn’t force you to score an extra agenda anything, so I suppose I shouldn’t care that much, but it does, at least in a 45-49 card deck, force you to run 1 extra agenda (10x 2 point agendas to reach 20, so the only option is 11 agendas with DHPP).


Self-Modifying Code: Alternate tutoring options are always cool. Allows you to install things mid-run (and abuse Stimhack/Bad Pub, like all the cool kids are doing with Personal Workshop), doesn’t bounce the card back to the top your stack, isn’t restricted to Icebreakers, but it does have a slightly obnoxious 2 Memory cost. It is definitely fine and compares decently to all the other tutor options. Also opens more windows for a true Shaper “toolbox” deck, since that’s… what, 9 tutors (6 in-faction) available to them now?


Escher: I may be overhyping here, but holy hell. This card is nutty. There are a LOT of scary things you can do with this card. Devastate super servers by swapping the powerhouse ICE to servers you don’t care about and swapping in the earlygame ICE protecting their other servers. Account for missing breakers by just shifting ICE you can’t deal with. Take serious advantage of the core Shaper tendency to do well against servers with multiple ICE of one type by piling up like ICE. Make Jinteki cry a lot.

This card seriously scares me.


Dirty Laundry: It is fine. Fiiiiiiiiiiiine. Makes you a bit of money while running at the same time. If I remember how to do them crazy click/credit conversions, it comes out to about an Easy Mark. Not amazing, but I’ve certainly played games where I’d like it. Puts you back in Sure Gamble range, which is cool. Combos well with Noteriety and is best against undefended/100% revealed servers, obviously.

You don’t want to use it unless you’re sure about the run, as failing it is harsh.


Awakening Center: Everyone loves surprise Janus for 8, right? Seriously though, it is a cute trap. Bioroids are likely reaching the critical mass where they are finally getting scary, too. The strength of this card will depend entirely on available Bioroids, but Ichi 1.0, Ichi 2.0 (we’ll get there), and Janus are a pretty good start.

The biggest downside is you really can’t hide much about this card. It has to be rezzed to install ICE on it, and you can only install Bioroids on it. Has decent potential for messing with math, though.


Paricia: Eh. Not bad, but not exactly exciting me.


Custom Biotics: Super cool. +7 Influence at the cost of not being able to use Jinteki cards. There is definitely some neat potential for this sort of thing. Definitely a solid ability. +7 Influence is a lot of extra room. To put it in perspective, you can put three Scorched Earths randomly in your deck and STILL have 10 Influence left.


Rielle “Kit” Peddler: Interesting ability that is strong. Very punishing in the early game if you can pull out a Decoder quickly, though. Is it worth the loss of 5 Influence? Hmmmm…

Also, she probably has a tragic backstory and needs someone to give her a hug.


Server Diagnostics: I don’t like it. At all.


Project Wotan: Mmm. Have I ever mentioned that I really dislike 5/3 agendas? They aren’t bad (and definitely have their place), but the number of games I’ve lost because of a Priority Requisition off the top of my R&D really annoy me.

Still, Wotan is a decent one that messes with Runner math pretty well. Also, as I said earlier, we’re finally reaching a real critical mass of Bioroids, so all these Bioroid effects will be able to stack nicely together. Solid agenda. I would probably slot this into that HB program destruction I had been running over PR or ER (not sure which, though).

Ichi 2.0: I’m still kind of on the fence on this one. It is pretty awesome, but also pretty expensive. Goes great on Awakening Center! I dunno. The double-click thing plus the improved trace certainly make it much harder to ignore than Ichi 1.0 when the Runner has no programs in play, so that’s cool. Blargh. I’m on the fence about this one.

Alix T4LB07: Interesting. I presume the missing bit is just that it takes a click to activate. I think this card has some definite potential for a bit of bursty credit generation. Better than Server Diagnostics.


Chakana: Makes Fast Advanace super sad. Hell, makes slow advance sad too. A solidly annoying card, but I’m not sure how effectively it can actually be leveraged. 3 counters on the card isn’t insignificant, and pretty much every faction makes some point to run R&D, necessitating Corps protect it anyway.

It just seems like the timing on the card is rough for the Runner (need to have 3 counters on when the Corp needs to score an agenda that this would put out of range). Still, sometimes forcing a one turn delay is enough in this game. And, of course, if you do get it up, they will need to purge counters eventually.

Omni-Drive: I need full numbers, but looks cool.


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