Running the Nets – A First Look at A Study in Static

Let us hop straight into this without much ado. A Study in Static is out! New cards (that are actually out), my first impressions, etc.


All Nighter

Distinctly okay.

Makes scoring Noteriety easier and a double Noteriety turn possible. Also further enables One Big Run (a deck that does something like play multiple Mediums and then run all over R&D repeatedly) style decks. On the whole, though, Clicks are less valuable for Runners then they are for Corporations.

Still, being able to pull out an extra click whenever you need it has potential to swing a game, especially in a tight situation. Might find a home in some aggro decks?



I’m a little softer on this ICE than a lot of people.

At the moment it is a bit middling being an odd, shifting, “end the run” ICE, but it has some interesting potential. And it is immune to unboosted Yog, which is nice.

This ICE really wants something that prevents the runner ¬†from jacking out, but that doesn’t exist yet, so…

It isn’t going to work well in a big server deck, but it might be able to find a home in a Replicating Perfection deck that runs 2-3 remotes and shuffles the Runner between, forcing them to waste at least 2 clicks to get to what they want.

Eh. I dunno. I’m not really sold on it yet, but I don’t hate it either.



Man, between this and Emergency Shutdown, Corps aren’t allowed to have nice things.

Not quite as good as Emergency Shutdown, since you need to have memory free for it and you have to beat the ICE you want to derez, but still quite good.

I dig.


Dedicated Server

Eh… I don’t know what to make of this one. As long as you can rez something with it? You’ll come out ahead of the runner. If you can rez multiple things, you are definitely ahead of the game.

Bleh. It is sort of a variant on Adonis Campaign in Jinteki that carries less risk of coming out behind, but has less a chance of coming out way ahead too.


Deus X

Silver bullet, likely to be splashed in decks that tutor for programs. Will see more play if big bursts of Net Damage (Junebug, Ronin, etc) become more popular.

Not much to say about it. If you need to shield yourself against net damage, this card will do it well (once). If you need to smash an AP ICE, this card will do it well (once).

Also, like Sunset, this card is playmat art bait.



This card totally comes down to when exactly you can prevent traces. If you can force the Corp to spend money on them first, then this card is golden.

If not, it is pretty bad.




I’m really not sure what to make of this card.

The effect is fairly strong, allowing you to sneak out an extra run on any turn where you successfully run. The problem is that that extra run isn’t always going to be useful to you.

I really dunno. The effect is definitely neat. I’m just not sure it is worth running it over any other console at the moment, except in a One Big Run type deck.

Great Noteriety enabler, though.

The +1 Memory is annoying. I’d be all over this card if it were +2 Memory.

I’ll be giving this card a try, since I actually run Noteriety in Criminal and run VERY aggressively, but losing the Desperado credits is a shame.


False Lead

Decent, tricky agenda.

This is definitely a card you want to build your deck around, though. It is going to require you to bloat your deck with agendas a bit and, since it has to be forfeit to use it, means you’re going to need to score even more agendas.

Still, the card is pretty cool. Works fantastically with Bioroids and tagging tools.

Keep in mind that, like Tollbooth, I’m pretty sure the runner has to have at least 2 clicks left to lose them, so it can be played around.


Force of Nature

A pumpable code gate breaker for Anarch.

That’s kind of it.

It isn’t too hot, really, but it could see play in a really influence tight deck that doesn’t want Yog?


Government Contracts

Pretty fantastic agenda for Weyland, and feels like a no brainer replacement for Priority Requisition or Executive Retreat if you’re running either.

Seriously, if you’re running a 3 pointer in Weyland, you want to run this. 4 credits for two clicks is a bit less efficient than Melange, but it actually lets you do things on your turn. And it doesn’t have to sit on a well protected server indefinitely.


Green Level Clearance

New transaction! It is… eh?

Not really much to say on this one. A variant on Beanstalk Royalties in Haas. Might see play, but it isn’t wowing me at the moment.



Another 4 Strength Code Gate!


Now could we get some 6 Strength ones to shut Yog-saurus down? >_>

Seriously though. Hourglass is… okay. And that is kind of it. Decent with Bioroids, might find a home in Replicating Perfection. Useless if the opponent doesn’t care about burning those clicks or is willing to run on their last click.

Really needs support to work well.


Inside Man

Decent resource, but obviously only if you’re running a lot of hardware.

Doesn’t play nice with Personal Workshop.


Net Police

Offsets Runner link!

Is super easy to trash!

I don’t really like it.

The effect is cool, but it is a super easy to trash asset, meaning it isn’t going to stick around too long, meaning the effect isn’t going to get used very much.

Also, obviously, it is only useful against decks running Link.


Oversight AI

I like this one.

Allows you to set up a big piece of ICE early. You want to make sure you’re using this on ICE that is difficult to beat, as, the instant they can, that ICE is going away.

Optimal ICE are Archer and Janus, as those are two of the most expensive pieces of ICE in the game to crack (both requiring 10 credits to beat with Ninja), but anything that’s big and obnoxious works in a pinch.

Synergizes well with Corporate Troubleshooter and other Strength boosters!




Pays for itself pretty quickly. Whizzard economy denial (or Whizzard deconstruction of Horizontal decks) could be pretty brutal with this. 5+ free credits a turn to trash with is nothing to sneeze at.



Yeah, I’m in the school that doesn’t really like the “can’t be advanced ’till rezzed” ICE.

Honestly, kind of a rock/paper/scissor ICE. Beats Femme Fatale, loses to Morningstar. In general, I still think I’d rather run Hadrian’s. The “must be rezzed limitation” is super harsh on this one.


Underworld Contact

If you’re running link, you probably want to consider running this. Solid drip economy, straight up.

Not exciting, but it does its job.



Decent, and the first trace effect is cool. Kind of expensive to rez, though.

Still, strong ICE with reliable traces. Another great candidate for Replicating Perfection.


Weyland Consortium: Because We Build It

If you’re dedicated to advancing ICE, this is a great ID. If not, think carefully how often you’re going to advance ICE vs play a transaction when deciding on this vs base Weyland.

Necessitates a fairly different play style, as you want to spread out your ICE advances across several turns instead of bulk updating a single piece of ICE.


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  1. #1 by GeekIntellectualist on March 18, 2013 - 1:44 pm

    The New I.D. for Weyland feels like a card that really has to built around. You’ve got to be using that free credit almost every turn for sure. Still, imagine an early game Hadrains wall put down for kicks, or even Ice Wall advanced eight-ten times. Scary stuff. Still, I play Weyland and wasn’t thrilled about the new I.D., I’m going to give it a shot, but we’ll see how it goes.

  2. #2 by A Rogue on March 18, 2013 - 2:33 pm

    The main thing to look into is how much money it’ll make you.

    If you are, for example, just running 3 Hedge Fund/3 Beakstalk Royalties? The max benefit you’ll get out of the core ID is 6 credits during the game. If you see all 6 cards. So you need to give some consideration to how often you’re playing a transaction vs how often you’re advancing ICE. The gap may be a lot narrower than you expect.

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