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WNG – Why I Never Play Arkham Anymore! or, An Arkham Horror Review [Cooperation Month]

Arkham Horror was one of the first “real” board games I played. Oh sure, I did the whole Magic: the Gathering (and every other CCG out there) thing, I’d done roleplaying, I’d kicked around Warhammer/40K, but, when it came to board and (non-collectable) games? I still thought of things like Risk, Monopoly, Life, and the […]

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WNG – Rogue Rambles About the Other Sides of Cooperation [Cooperation Month]

So, this has sort of been touched on while I was playing Ghost Stories, but there is another side to cooperative games. A dark, sinister side of which very few are privy to. A side which many should fear to see, for seeing it is a sign that the end of days has arrived.

Okay, maybe I’m being a little overly dramatic.


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WNG – Rogue Rambles on Cooperative Gaming [Cooperation Month]

One of the more interesting things for me over the course of Cooperation Month has been the fact that, honestly, I’m not that big on cooperative board games. I like competitive games. I like competing and beating other people. That isn’t to say I don’t like cooperative gaming. Quite the contrary. I have a love […]

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