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WNG – Board Games on Digital Platforms

Sorry, sorry! My reviews/first impressions continue to get a bit held up for various reasons. So, in the meanwhile, how about we editorialize a bit?

Board games on digital platforms. This is a thing. I know it seems a bit weird when you say it, but it really is happening. And it is starting to get a lot more popular. Not to say it hasn’t been around a while. I mean, we’ve had all sorts of community made stuff for ages. Magic the Gathering Online has been trucking for a while. But the whole app craze thing has really seen an explosion of official releases of (popular!) board games onto phones and computers.


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WNG – What Was New in January?

I need a brief breather after Coop Month, so, let’s give some ultra quick impressions of all the new and “new” things that I had time to sample in January between some of my more regular gaming. For a change of pace (and to prove I do still do play some!), some video games as well! Keep in mind, I likely haven’t played much/finished these things due to my hectic (and erratic) schedule.


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