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Reminder: Rogue Thoughts Has Moved!

Just a quick reminder! I will not be updating this page anymore shortly! All future Rogue Thoughts updates will be at my new site! (, since the link is refusing to work. Click in the post below if you want!) So remember! Update you links! Subscribe at my new site! Get an RSS feed! Just do […]

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Rogue Thoughts Has a New Home! The new home of Rogue Thoughts! We’re still in the process of getting things up and running, but all future Rogue Thoughts content (Running the Nets, Wednesday Night Gaming, and more!) will be posted at the above site! So, update your links and, as soon as I get them working, subscribe, follow and all […]

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Hey all!

I’m sure at least a few folks out there (I’m hoping for at least double digits) noticed that I’ve had no updates here for a little more than a week! No Wednesday Night Gaming! No Running the Nets for Fun and Profit!

Well don’t worry, these features aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they’ll (eventually) be expanding!


Some Brief Rogue Thoughts

Hey ya’ll. Figured I’d take this moment to do a bit more of a direct address.

Don’t worry, Rogue Thoughts isn’t going anywhere.


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Successful Moves and Blood Bowl

So, I am back from having successfully moved. It went well. My fishies survived. The dog is acclimating. The girlfriend digs it. Even had friends over. Life is good. Now then. A while back I started this entire deal with a brief write-up on Swordgirls Online and why randomness sucks. I now wish to revise […]

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Choice in Games

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on the official Mass Effect 3 forums (primarily because I hate myself) and observing the general opinions people have regarding the series. Also seeing a lot a bile directed towards both ME2 and ME3 because the series has been ruined forever by plot/character/romances/ammo/retcons/cover/mining/cutscenes/marketing/Dragon Age 2/lack of impact […]

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Issues I Had With “Ready Player One”

Another brief entry tonight as time management continues to fail me. Thanks to the mystical power of audio books and a longish commute, I’ve been getting through a lot of books lately. And, since audio books cost money, I’ve been listening to a lot of them repeatedly. Among them is  a book known as Ready […]

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