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Sex in Games – We Need a Bit More of It

Do I have your attention now? Yes? Excellent. That title is 100% serious. Story driven games featuring relationships need  to have more sex in them. More importantly, they need to have sex earlier. It should even be easier to get. Because, if we want sex and sexuality to be a more prominent, more important part […]

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Killing Characters – Finding the Balance

Today’s entry has been brought to you by the PSP game, Corpse Party. I’ll cover it specifically in a future entry, but, for the moment, it has made me want to talk about character death. SPOILERS FOR FULL METAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD AND THE MANGA FOLLOW. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Character death (hereafter referring to the […]

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Andrew Rambles – Horror in Games

Warning: Stream of consciousness ahead! Horror really should be one of gaming’s strongest genres. There’s probably a little bit of bias here, given that I consider Silent Hill 2 one of the better video games out there, and Shattered Memories as a similarly strong contender. Functionally, I think part of it is that horror is […]

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Andrew Rambles – How to Start a Game

Warning: Stream of consciousness ahead! The start of something is, to me, among the most critical sequences. Perhaps its merely a result of being impatient, but I am fully willing to drop something if the beginning doesn’t interest me. Cries of “but it gets better later on!” tend to fall on deaf ears with me. […]

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Andrew Rambles – Gameplay and Plot Segregation

Warning: Stream of consciousness ahead! The other thing that’s come up is something that really bugs me and that I absolutely, positively, completely and utterly hate about jRPGs, and that is that plot and gameplay are often almost universally separated. I DO understand some reasoning behind this, after working on a game design docket myself. […]

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Andrew Rambles – Cutscenes

Warning: Stream of consciousness ahead! I’m bored and a little annoyed, so let’s ramble for a little bit. I’ve spent a chunk of time lately rambling and grumbling about the gaming industry and gaming lately, because I myself have been having issues lately with it. While it would be fun to simply write it off […]

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Mass Effect Retrospective – Arrival

As I close in on the end of Virmire (my Mass Effect playthrough is going to get very condensed shortly, since March 6th is closing in), I did notice a certain trend on the Bioware Social Network regarding the Mass Effect 2 DLC Arrival. I’ll admit that, at this point, I have not played it, […]

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